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Getting back into Action

Hello everyone, first of all I would like to apologize for the time that has gone by since our latest post. A lot of things have happened, but mainly the birth of my first son, Carlo Fabrizio.

It has been a crazy road: endless hours without sleeping, learning stuff I never knew they existed until all the sudden I need to know them, having to work at the same time that I’m changing a diaper and multitasking boiling water, washing dishes and making my wife feel like everything is going to be ok.

Fun stuff! Parents out there will know what I’m talking about.

Still these have been amazing months for me, and I’m enjoying every second with my son.

Yet, it’s time to get back into action doing content for Latin Digital Marketing. And what a time, with plenty of quarantine around all the world, the pandemic is impacting everything in a way this generation never saw before.

And it has made something very obvious to everyone around the world:

Working industry needs to adapt and people need to adapt as well

So what better time to start thinking on doing some income that doesn’t rely on going to your office, travel around the world/country for big business meetings, not even on doing sales at your store.

Stats about the pandemic and it’s effects in the Working Industry

Sometimes an image says more than a 1000 words. Also stats can be stunning, so here are a few of them to put some perspective on how much the pandemic is affecting us.

Study based on data provided by the WHO
Unemployment benefits requests by May as reported by BBC
Huge loss of jobs offers in the UK

And this is only to mention a few. The working industry has the need to embrace the digital era so they can keep doing commerce and so their employees can do remote work.

The tools to be successful working from home already exists. It’s just a thing of getting guidance and start using them.

All around the world every day that passes by, more business have now delivery options, more business also started to build an online presence.

They carry out this through social media to make up for the audience loss the quarantine has generated.

From whatsapp bots, to growing Instagram audience while offering products, people is getting back to action by going with innovation that allows their business to remain alive or even stronger than ever.

Tools to allow the transition within the working industry

So as I was saying, what better time to start an online business or to learn about digital Marketing as a way to get around the caos pandemic has brought.

WhatsApp Business App

In their own words, this was built with the small business owner in mind, and it brings a lot of benefits when it comes to improving the customer service offered to people who’s reaching from the safety of their homes.

From whom would you rather buy? A business that has quick responses and a clear catalog of products(and their prices) easily available at your phone? Or some other business let’s say building its catalog in their Instagram highlights stories?

Maybe there could be people who would feel good about going thru a lot of those stories, so they can see if there’s something else they want. But most buyers will want to find fast what they want. Also they want to be attended as fast as possible. Whatsapp Business does a great deal in these areas.

How to start using WhatsApp Business

Key features

  • Quick replies or custom replies: You get to create common replies required, so when a customer ask for something there are answers that you can give in just a second.
  • Automated Messages: Speed in the selling process is key, and having a message sent automatically to the customer as soon as he reaches out helps with this. You can also have automated messages for when your business is not available(out of business hours, etc).
  • Business Profile: Provide the customers your address, phone numbers, emails, whatever you need so they can have a clear idea of what you are offering and from where you are doing so.
  • Catalog of products: I can’t state how important this can be to get an edge in the market. Make it as easy as possible. Let the people see what you are offering and include all the relevant information upfront.
  • Complete your sales: Once the client goes through your sales funnel, you get to concrete the transaction. Having payment methods quickly available will turn your phone into a selling machine.
  • Labels: These allow the classification of customers. It’s very important to get to know your audience and be able to have a segmentation of it. This will save you from sending the wrong offers to people not interested.
  • Integration with websites: Include in your website a button or link that sends directly the users to your business chat. This gives many options to promote your business.
  • Promote gifts directly to your customers: Once your segmentation is done, you get to send gifts to your best buyers to bring them back. Or maybe create promotions to convert people that seem to lack one final push to get your products.

Instagram Business

Did you know that more than 200 Million users in Instagram visit at least 1 Business profile each day? And more than half the people using Instagram get to discover new products using this powerful platform?

How would the Working industry stay away from that? Let me tell you a heads up, it won’t.

And the fact is, that even tho your whole catalog and sales funnel shouldn’t be about just showing stories in Instagram, it should be promoted there as well.

They provide a visual and most times fun and innovative ways to present the products. Sometimes customers doesn’t know what they want until they actually see it. Instagram is perfect for this.

Steps you don’t want to miss while creating your Instagram Business Page

Key Features

  • Get real time results on the performance of your stories and promoted posts along the day.
  • Get stats on your followers and the way they interact with your posts.
  • Provide to people more information about your company.
  • Every new feature they keep releasing, such as the latest reels.

To start using Instagram business they have a really good getting started page. Just follow the steps indicated.


Companies all over the world must accept the facts. Remote work is a must in the working industry these days.

From people taking prevention measures, to people that actually are finding the ways to work from home, the truth is that things are changing and it’s required to make use of the tools to allow this.

Zoom is a tool that is allowing people to connect and provide easy to use video communications. This is really important for a small business to keep goals and productivity

Key Features

  • Effective Remote Working
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface.
  • There’s no need to login to attend a meeting.
  • Increased popularity: Given the coronavirus pandemic, zoom has been invested in giving support to it’s users.
  • Zoom supports video conference/meetings with a high amount of attendees: You can set up to 100 participants. Comparing to other options, this can be 25 times more attendees.
  • Online Learning, Hosting Virtual Events, Telehealth: Depending on what industry you work, you can expand the ways in which you take advantage of zoom. Is not only intended for internal use of your working stuff.

If you want to find out more about zoom, visit their blog, they include a lot of useful content

The Future of the Working Industry

This is what you need to know about the future of the working industry: Things will go on, and the Businesses will continue. But some aspects of it might just look different now.

Employer are going to need to keep a close eye on the following points:

  • Team Morale: The pandemic brings a lot of stress in daily basis. So you want to be sure that you address any concerns in your staff. Low morale could result in low productivity.
  • Health: Not every business is the same, and it will be really important to make sure to not jeopardize the health of your staff.
  • Productivity: Sometimes the changes that result from working from home can affect productivity as well. While the idea is to optimize the processes so remote work is possible, is a reality that this can take time to accomplish.
  • Improved Monitoring on activities: Business owners need to improve the ways to monitor the activities of the staff. And the staff needs to get used to being more monitored.
  • Get used to remote work: Sometimes people like to go to their office. Sometimes they don’t. In any case this is a transition that is going to have an impact on a lot of workers. Also the ones with kids that are also in lockdown might face a challenge if they don’t have any help.
  • Training: The available tools might limit the needs for some types of training. This might lead to occasions where trainings might not be optimal. Sometimes you won’t be able to do much about it.

What is next?

While the COVID19 has been really huge, right now it becomes a motivation for me to pick up what we started, and this time stronger than ever.

So among some of the future subjects we are planning to cover I could mention:

  • Use your Social Media to boost your online sales
  • Use of whatsapp bots for a delivery store
  • Business to be doing after a pandemic
  • How to start a blog in 2020
  • What to use and what not to use while trying to do Marketing with the pandemic
  • How to create a blog for free
  • Latest technologies that help keep up the Quality of our sites.
  • Mindset to go through the recent changes in our lifestyle.
  • Secret Sauce to make your 5 months old baby sleep 12 hours in a row… Ok, that’s a joke, not such a thing is possible.

The important thing is that there will be a lot of learning material coming soon, and I invite you to be around to check it out. For today I’m going to keep this one short, but make no mistake, lots of extensive content will be available pretty soon. it’s the best time to make an impact in the life of lots of people.

If you haven’t please join our mailing list, or give us a like on Facebook. And if you have some subject in mind you would like to learn about, please leave it in the comments.

I wish you all nothing but health and success,

Kind Regards


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