How to start your SEO Training Online and get Free Traffic

Before starting this course we are calling SEO Training Online, let me ask you something:

Did you put a lot of time, money and effort building a Website, just to realize no one is watching it?

You do have some amount of trafic, but it’s not close to enough to start monetizing?

Do you feel frustrated and think your brand won’t be enough to make a cut into the industry?

Or perhaps you haven’t started out yet because you fear you won’t be noticed?

If you have made yourself any of these questions and answered yes to any of them, let me tell you the most important secret you’ll need to know right now. Please pay close attention to this, because is one of the most important pieces of information you’ll find here:

You need to develop and improve your Marketing strategy, and the Golden Key to Successful Online Marketing is Search Engine Optimization.

That’s right, please take a few seconds to read that again.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the absolute difference between what could be a successful business online and a lot of work going to waste. And you might wonder why?

Why do I need an SEO Training Online?

Some people might wonder if search engines are really that big of a deal. Well, let me tell you they sure are! Think of the importance the search engine has. When you have a question, isn’t one of the first things you do is go to google and write your doubt?

When you want to buy something, don’t you look for options on a search engine? Ok, I know most people look into Amazon instead, but even then, it’s still clear that the results that pop up first will truly have an impact on who end’s up doing the sale.

So, in other words, the search engines bring your website or your business in front of your audience or even customers.

But a hard truth is, that people most of the time only take a look at the first results listed on the search engines. This is why it’s so important to get your page to the highest rank you can.

Do you want to know more about the beauty of SEO? It’s the most powerful free way to get traffic to your site!

Please read on to find out everything you need to know to make sure that your Website is optimized for today’s search engines! Start now your SEO Training with us.

What Is Search Engine Optimization

We define Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as taking all the action required while working on a Website and its content, in a way that gives them the best chance of getting a high ranking on search engines.

It’s possible to create complex websites, with amazing design, but this won’t guarantee that it will rank high on search engines. Because search engines are actually looking for pages that give the best answers to what the users are looking for. Thus the importance of learning how to optimize your page.

Of course, you might still want to get some balance between search engine optimization, aesthetics, and user experience. Authority also plays a role, for example, if you are looking for medical advice, the search engine might rank higher something posted by a doctor, that say, something posted by an engineer.

This is the reason why you’ll find 2 types of SEO, on-page, and off-page. On-page will be about the way you ensure that the search engine what is going on in your site. Off-page will be related to your site authority, social signals and any other thing that allow the search engine to understand that you are a trustworthy source.

Textual Content is what the search engine understand

When we speak of textual content, we mean written text, whether is letters, words, sentences, or paragraphs. You want actual text, not images with text. This is because the search engine uses a robot that reads the information in all the sites so it can understand what that site is about.

So, if the robot finds images instead of text, it won’t read it and won’t be able to understand entirely what your site is about. The same is true for gifs, videos, and animations. The user might see them, but the robot will see nothing.

This is why a big part of your efforts doing SEO will be to make sure that rich, abundant textual content is being used inside every page that you want to rank.

Can I do SEO myself? Or it’s absolutely needed to get services from an SEO Company?

An SEO Company will be able to evaluate your Website based on known SEO practices and standards. Then they can use this evaluation to give you advice on how to improve your Website’s SEO.

Or if you don’t have a website already, they can create one for you implementing SEO practices from the start.

Some other services an SEO company can provide include keyword research, code optimization, search engine submission, article submission, domain registration, Google Sitemap creation, link building, etc.

They can also guide you to create pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns that will get you listed on the first, second or third page of listings for specific search terms.

Does this mean you absolutely need it? The answer is No!!

You can do it yourself, and in the end, it depends on your preference and on how much time or budget you have. If you have a budget you could go with an SEO Company, or if you have time you could just go ahead and do the optimization on your own. What if you have neither time or budget?

We have you covered, save lots of time in research by following this SEO training. Implement this basic and advanced technics to accomplish a good SEO on your website. We’ll also give you the common mistakes to avoid.

SEO Training Online: 10 Important technics to consider

The best way to make sure textual content is usable by search engines is to focus on the right use of keywords within your text.

A keyword indicates the topic of your page, and it’s ideal to have it clear, so the search engine can read and know what searches can be solved with your site. Keywords work best when they are repeated several times and in different ways.

1. Place your meta tags.

Inside your HTML code, you should include your “title”, “description” and “keywords” meta tags. This should also be present in the textual content of your page. Another plus, even tho it won’t be always possible, is to have the domain name containing your most important keyword. Those are favored by search engines when there’s a match with that keyword.

2. Use the URL anchor text.

There is a lot of information on why you should make wise use of the URL anchor text. Search engines take into consideration the relation of the anchor text with the content of the site the URL is pointing to. It’s good to include keywords here.

3. Give text to your graphics and photos.

As we discussed, it’s really important for search engines to have textual content to read. And images won’t do the trick. But the way around this is to use an attribute called “ALT”, which will allow you to indicate to the search engine the textual meaning of the photo. Include your keyword in some of the images.

4. Take care of your site structure

You want to make good use of HTML headings, using at least a <h1> tag to indicate the main title of your page. You also want to include several <h2> or <h3> headings, and it’s good to include your keyword on some of them. Remember this should be in a natural manner. Search engines pay attention to headings, bolds, underlined and italics fonts.

5. Focus on real text, not graphical text.

Putting aside cases where you want to show your email address without risking it being spammed by robots, you should always try to use only real text. The graphical text won’t help you with SEO optimization.

6. Keyword placement inside the page.

Simply put, keywords placed higher on the page will rate higher than keywords down on the page. Even then, it’s good to distribute your keyword from beginning to the end, just don’t miss it at the top of the page.

7. Set up your configuration to be found:

You want to have the following: 

  • Robots.txt This instructions for search engine robots indicating which directories and files should be read.
  • Sitemap This is just a map of your site. This helps search engine robots know which Web pages to index.

8. Use Social Media to drive traffic into your website.

Search engines like to see social signals pointing to your site. Also, engagement in social media allows search engines to know if the site is popular and relevant. Building your authority and social engagement is a big part of the off-page SEO required.

9. Use Smaller Search Engines.

Google, Yahoo! and Bing aren’t the only search engines. Submitting to some other search engines can provide you traffic and engagement that will increase your Google PageRank. Smaller Search Engine Links:

10. Take advantage of Article Submission Sites.

This is another way to get more eyes looking at your Website. There are sites that will publish your articles on their own site, also allowing for other users to make use of your content while giving you the credit by including a link to your site. This result in an interesting amount of backlinks pointing to your website and increasing your authority. Article Submission Links:

Even tho they are a lot of things mentioned here, the truth is that most of them can be done really quick and easy with the proper SEO Tool.

SEO Training Online: 10 Common mistakes to avoid

There are many times when webmasters opt to focus more on doing a pretty website than actually working on optimized content. For sure it’s a good thing to have a good looking website, but this shouldn’t come at the cost of not having your site optimized for search engine placement.

Another really important thing to have into consideration is that the use of your keywords has to feel natural. Their use needs to have a purpose, instead of being forced. Just try to be genuine, work your content in a way that is helpful to people and that represents well the subject you want to cover.

If you just trick your way into the rankings, but your content is not good, it will be a matter of time before the ranking starts to go down. So just do it right in the first place. Having said that, here’s the list of mistakes you should avoid at all cost:

1. Stay away from plagiarism.

This is a polemic topic. There will be people ok with doing this, but for the most part, it’s not a well-received practice. Upfront let me advise you, don’t do it.

When we speak of plagiarism we mean stealing content from another website without giving credit to the original author.

The thing is that most of the time, doing plagiarism won’t really do you any good. The search engines have really advanced software that can detect if the content is not original, and they will quickly find the real source.

Once this happens, the original source will actually get a better ranking than you will. So, not much point in doing it if you are looking to increase your traffic.

There’s also a possibility to get penalized by the search engine, so it’s better to avoid any risk.

2. Be careful choosing your keywords.

There are a lot of tools that will help you do proper research in order to get good keywords that are actually being searched for. If you pick poorly, you are killing your chances of getting the desired traffic from search engines.

3. Don’t use keywords if they are not related to your website.

Unethical webmasters will try to get visibility on search engines by using attractive keywords that have nothing to do with the actual subject of the site.

Examples of this that comes to mind is using something like the name of a trending celebrity or topic in order to attract traffic to the website even if those keywords aren’t related at all.

This technique is quickly punished, given search engines see this as spam, and once they realize this you will lose the chance to really growth long-term.

4. Don’t do Keyword Stacking.

What this means is to repeat over and over the same keyword. As we discussed before, you want to make sure the use of your keywords comes as natural as possible. Once search engines catch a high level of keyword stacking, they will just ignore the keyword and your site will remain poorly optimized to rank.

5. Avoid Keyword stuffing.

Really similar to the previous point, this means to assign multiple keywords to the description of a graphic element of your website.

In other words, avoid repeating over and over the keywords inside the alt attribute of the images. If you do this, once again the search engine will categorize it as spam.

6. Don’t cheat using hidden text.

I actually run into this question on a Facebook Group not long ago. One member was asking if someone ever thought of using the keyword a lot of times using a font color that virtually made the text invisible.

The truth is that this won’t work. Even tho search engines are always looking for good textual content, and this is what the robot is supposed to see, they also have ways to detect if you are trying to do those cheats.

In the end, all those cheats just get you penalized, or ignored by the search engines. And that’s not the place you want to be.

7. Be careful to be hiding keywords with tiny text.

This is pretty much the same as the previous point, except instead of doing the background color trick you just use a very small font so it’s not noticeable the stacking. But search engines also catch those ones.

8. Don’t assume that all the search engines work the same way.

Every search engine is a company with a group of engineers doing code to determine according to some criteria what pages are best to answer the questions that the users search for. That criteria vary between each search engine.

Bing, for example, takes antiquity into account a bit more than other search engines like Google. You can’t perfectly optimize for all of them. You just need to try hard to do your best, and hope rank well in most of them

9. Be careful with Dynamic Pages and Frames.

Dynamic pages are the ones that have content generated depending on what parameters the users are using. On the other hand, frames can be seen as having a different webpage inside the current webpage(like a box having a different website inside).

The main issue with dynamic pages and frames is that search engines have a hard time reading them properly.

So this can lead to having real difficulties at the moment of getting good ranks. What you want to do is to make sure that you use them in the right places, so you reduce the impact it can have on your site.

10. Don’t forget to check for missing webpage elements.

You want to make sure that the links you use on your site are current, and pointing to a working website. It’s also important to have your images working, overall you want to have everything up and available.


With this article begins our SEO training online, which will consist of a handful of articles and resource to improve your SEO skills. In the next ones, we’ll go on advanced tactics, and give focus to off-page SEO.

With SEO properly done, little websites can become immense sources of traffic and profit. It’s not something simple to accomplish, and it does take time. But once you get a better understanding of what you need, you will be rewarded with better rankings on your pages.

You just need to be genuine and follow the search engines rules, so you give them no option to consider the great content you are making. It’s something you can see as an investment long term. Keep the good practices and once it starts giving you the benefits it will scale non-stop!

If you already have a Website, you have to know that it’s not too late to make it SEO compliant. As stated before, it might take some time and work, but the potential rewards are worth it.

To conclude, I just want to remember that once you get good traffic going for you, you’ll start to see big financial benefits. And SEO is a free way to getting tons of traffic, is vital for online success.

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