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Welcome to our Resources page!! Here you can find the list of tools and websites that Latin Digital Marketing strongly recommend for your business. We only recommend tested tools that have been working for us. So, as part of our objective to help you succeed we want to share them with you.

Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning that if you choose to make a purchase, Latin Digital Marketing will earn a commission or benefit as an affiliate. This commission comes at no additional cost for you. Yet the purpose of this page is to show the tools that have given us the best experience.

We recommend them because they are great, not because of the small commissions. Please don’t spend money on these products unless you feel they will help you achieve your goals.

Here are the top notch resources for your online business adventure:


If you want an online presence, you need to have a website. And to have a website, you most likely want your own hosting provider. There are several options, and some of them are free. But I seriously recommend you to be careful with those. Sometimes you end up losing tons of work because of a bad choice of hosting, it’s better to go with well established companies.

  • Bluehost What I love about Bluehost is the trust you can have knowing you are using one of the top companies on the industry for hosting. WordPress is made easy with Bluehost, they have amazing support, really solid up-time and overall the benefits it provides are of the best on the market.
  • Hostinger Fast, really Fast!! Optimized for speed and really good if you are on a low budget.

Email Marketing

You will learn quick enough, the money is on the list. This is something you are going to hear a lot, and for pretty good reason. This options allow you to get things done quite well, and provide features that will put you on the money pretty soon.


After you have your site and your email campaign ready, you should be looking to bring traffic to your website. Here are some alternatives on how you can get traffic without spending hundreds of dollars on paid ads.


  • Sqribble(Ebooks) This is an Amazing eBook Creator Studio. Is a must check before starting any ebook to sell on Amazon.

Top Beginners Platforms (EASY)

This is especially for starters that want an all round platform build for them ready to use. You will make your site and business in no time with this. Lots of tools, training, and amazing support, really this is no joke, probably one of the best communities involved in the Online Business Market.

Also if you want more advanced resources and total access to our Digital Marketing Secret Vault

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