Want to empower your world? What is Digital Marketing?

Have you hear about digital marketing? Maybe you have heard of how it can change the way you do business. And now you want to get deeper on the theme. So let me ask you:
Do you want to grow and empower your business?

“More diffusion for more consumption” is the first premise that impulses digital marketing to our homes every minute of every day through our smartphones, PCs, and other devices.

A modern and efficient way to market a product would seem to be extremely difficult to achieve, but in fact, it is more viable than you think. Take into consideration that we are in a century where social networks and technology have advanced to unimaginable scales.

Nowadays the phrase ‘Digital Marketing’ is in common use; however, not everyone knows what it’s about. In 1896 Marconi invented a public transmission of wireless signals (actual conception of ). As a result of this surge the free diffusion of information, but the big question is:
Only diffusing a message it ́s considered digital marketing? The best answer would be: it depends. In the case that this message is commercializing something, the most correct answer would be yes!

Therefore, people refers the radio creation as the first impulse. But it doesn’t cover what we understand as digital marketing. The beginning of this movement was during the 90’s, with the launch of Archie, Yahoo!, and smaller search engines. HotBot, LookSmart, the birth of Google, and Microsoft MSN were some of them. Also online stores such as Amazon emerged in which through just one click, many people from different parts of the world could buy practically anything.

What is Digital Marketing:

There are endless numbers of projections that can propel any product through the market. But what is digital marketing? It’s not difficult to define; simply put, is any measurable and interactive strategy guided at marketing a product through electronic media. This is including social networks, mail and advertising, but digital marketing goes further of this.

It’s quite simple and seems to be very easy to achieve, but the secret to success begins when you analyze how the market reacts to each of the strategies implemented. Then checking if they are working and adjusting them when necessary. The importance of this is huge. There’s a thin line between having success with a product that might be very good, but if it’s not noted, advertised or presented in a proper way, it won’t get many sales and success.

Not many years ago when I was younger and wanted to purchase anything, I was usually encouraged by television advertising or billboards on the highway. I didn’t have a smartphone to be connected daily. Now if I want to purchase something, the first thing I do is check everything on my phone. Prices, models, reviews, everything!.

You might ask yourself: What’s different between my childhood and my adulthood? The clearest answer could be the fact that today even 10-year-olds kids have smartphones, tablets or laptops; technology is overwhelming the world and humans have the ability to adapt in search of comfort. This is makes digital media a essential requirement.

One foundation of marketing is that it’s oriented towards a specific audience in perfect timing. This way everyone wins, those who offer a product or service and those who acquire them.

How To Do Digital Marketing?

It ́s simpler and easier with steps to explain the elements that you should be considering about Digital Marketing. To put this in motion may take time and dedication but being constant will help you achieve a great result.

Determine the target client

This is essential. You must understand the clients and focus on what your specific population needs. The goal is to generate potential products that arouse commercial interest.

Understand the customer

You need a strategy with an approach aimed at covering the failures that your competitors have, based on their defects you can try to win the choice of customers, give them what they ask and want.

Generate valuable proposals

Demonstrate the customers that you deserve their time, their trust and their money. Don ́t give up, and make them fall in love with your product and your ideas.

Determine how many businesses you want to generate

From the creation of your product, how far will you go? You have to build your business model. This plan will allow you to see clearer the paths you should take.

Make strategies convenient to satisfy the needs of the people you want to attract

The fifth step is to combine your internal growth strategy with your strategy to direct the product the way you want.


You need to evaluate search engines (SEO), email, adversaries that offer better benefits than you.

Establish your budget

In all this process you must have established your budget, be clear of the investment that you need to make come true your goal.

Seek advice

Finally give free rein to your project, do not leave it in your mind, and seek advice if you consider it necessary, it’s not a sin.


You should focus on your objectives, sometimes being faced with so many options can cloud the view.

Try to look at everything with perspective, you don’t need to manage several social accounts at the same time. Don’t suffer if it’s not your area of specialization, you should appropriate with your project, find your place and comfort in the networks.

Sometimes less is more long-term; begin with one account as long as you learn to manage it successfully. There are other ways to do digital marketing, for example, some people have found excellent results with the Influencers method, it’s not a bad idea but if you want to read about it you will have to wait until the next articles. Anyway, don ́t forget that the digital marketing it ́s a huge opportunity to shake your world and give a try to achieve your goals with success and innovation.

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